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How does VWO Surveys calculate Displayed, Attempted and Completed metrics?




  • Lucas Espinosa

    On my surveys I get a really hight "Attempt" number, but few complete results.
    Is it that just the closing down action counts as an attempt?

    Is the complete reached only at the end of the survey? 

    What if a user has answered a few questions before dropping out? I can't seem to get any partial results, only for those that completed, while the possible drop outs seem to have disappeared and just count as attempted.

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  • Vaibhav Singh

    Hi Lucas,

    As mentioned in the article, the "Attempted" count increases only when there is an action on the survey widget. This action could be clicking anywhere on the survey widget, answering or skipping a question, click on the Next button(in case a survey has more than one question), or closing the survey widget.

    Secondly, a survey is considered complete only when all the questions are answered. If the user drops out after attempting a few questions, only the "Attempted" and "Displayed" count will increase. Also, the next time this user visits your website, the survey is displayed from the question where the user last left off.

    If you still have any concerns, please get in touch with our support team at



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