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Integrating VWO with Universal Analytics by Using Google Tag Manager (Custom Events)




  • Ole Gregersen

    Hi there. Thank you for the above article. But it would be nice with help to Google Analytics reporting as well. I have several client which can see the event, but can't relate them to goal in analytics. Which mean no conversion-calculation. Can you point to how to report the data in GA, so that users can use the same report across tests?


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  • Vaibhav Singh

    Hi Ole,

    VWO only tags the visitor data to GA and for these visitors (who are bucketed into Control and Variation versions), you have the freedom to build the custom reports around goals, and other metrics like bounce rates, etc. in GA.

    Thus, in this case, we would not recommend comparing data with VWO or expecting VWO to  push target related data to GA.

    In case you need further assistance on this, please reach out to us at

    Vaibhav Singh.

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